You Bring the Wine, We Bring the Cheese

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Welcome to Wine & Cheese Gaming

Welcome to what I hope will be the first of many posts for Wine & Cheese Gaming!

First I would like to introduce you to what Wine & Cheese Gaming is about.

What is Wine & Cheese Gaming about? Well, it is not just some clever pun, that I can assure you of. I have been into gaming and it's subset of wargaming for over 30 years. I also am a fan of la fromage and vino. My goal is to blend these two likes together. Over the coming months, I will be inviting friends over to film some battle reports, while we enjoy some (you guessed it) wine and cheese during the game. Bear in mind that I am not expert on anything related to wine and cheese and almost barely register as an expert in gaming, but I do know what I enjoy.

W&CG will bring videos on battle reports and product reviews. Once my small studio is up and running, I hope to bring these out on a regular basis. As an added bonus, I also want to promote local stores, including ones I travel to for tournaments. I hope you will enjoy all of these.

You bring the Wine, & I bring the Cheese!

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