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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Unboxing Video!

I recently purchased Deathwatch Overkill - it is a great deal and an awesome way to start out the new Genestealer Cult (which just so happens is about to release, talk about some good timing there!).
So join me as I delve into the contents! Deathwatch Overkill Box Opening.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

September Painting Challenge - Alfred Part 2

Part 1 here.

Tonight I found some time to do a little more work on my squad of Skitarii Vanguard and applied the first two basecoat colors: Rakarth Flesh (GW) for the inside of the robes and Mephiston Red (GW) for the outside of the robes.

I went with these two colors first because they cover a large portion of the models and offer a noticeable difference over the primed models. It's amazing how much character a model can take on with just 2 or 3 colors applied. I can't wait to see how they look after the next couple of colors are added.

Monday, September 5, 2016

September Painting Challenge - Alfred Part 1

Jason has issued a painting challenge to the community and I'm not one to sit idly by and let a challenge go unanswered, so I'm going all in. Plus, I have a massive painting queue and this is good motivation. With that, I give you my entry in to the challenge, a 10-man squad of Skitarii Vanguard.

I assembled my AdMech army a couple of months ago, but have only recently had a chance to play them. I'm looking forward to getting some more time in with these guys during an upcoming escalation league at one of my local gaming stores.

My first step was to prime all of the Skitarii using the Army Painter Gun Metal spray primer. I went with Gun Metal instead of black because there are so many dark, metallic parts to these troops that I am hoping it saves a bit of time. My design goal is to mimic the standard, Mars paint scheme with the red robes. I will be following along with the Warhammer TV video tutorial for Skitarii, with a few adjustments to colors since I paint with more than just Games Workshop.

Stay tuned as I continue to chronicle my adventure through the September Painting Challenge.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Challenge Accepted!

It is finally here! It is September and we all know what that means. That’s right folks, it is time to get your paint on because the September Paint Challenge has begun!

For the rules see the previous post, but to recap, we are looking at getting a squad fully painted and ready to go for battle (I mean who wants to see naked Space Marines everywhere, am I right?).

Now a “squad” does not mean it has to be a unit choice from a game. It can be about 10 guys from your army list. That means all the models need to be from the same army in the same game. Of course, if you are painting it for a game like Frostgrave, Horizon Wars, or This is Not a Test, that is totally different! There is nothing limiting the number of models to 10, you can go more if you want – you overachiever you! The only other limitation is that it must be infantry – no vehicles.

I will be posting what I am working on and some WIP pictures of course. I have not quite decided, but it will likely be an Ultramarine 30k Tactical Squad, but I am trying to finish up my Relicblade heroes first. If you want to share your pictures, you can hit us up over at our Facebook Page or post in the comments below. If you are shy about showing them off, send them to my email address and I will post them myself (so it will be anonymous, ya see).

Some may ask “What is the prize for this challenge? What do I win?” Well, you win a fully painted squad of infantry and the accomplishment of getting it done! That is not to mention all of the other great benefits of having a painted army/squad. So no, there is no prize for best painted or even just for doing it. Maybe another time? Hmmm, I do have some spare 40k Second Edition starter box orks around…


Thursday, August 18, 2016

September Paint Challenge

I like to paint. It is pretty relaxing for me and it is great to see the painted model on the tabletop. The problem is, I am not the fastest of painters. In fact, my speed hovers around Turtle & Sap. It takes me a long while to finish a painting project, if ever.
While discussing what we could do to get this site going, Alfred brought up the thought of a monthly event, or even quarterly. Coupling that with our love of painted armies, we thought challenging ourselves to get things painted would keep us focused and on track (nothing quite like peer pressure, eh?).
The September challenge for each of us, including you dear reader, is starting on September 1, get a squad/team of roughly ten unpainted infantry models (yes a typical space marine squad) and fully base and paint them by September 30th. This will give you some time to think about which models you want to paint: space marines, Frostgrave warband, Malifaux crew, or even some Menoth Zealots.
We will be posting WIP pictures as we move along. I got some Betrayal at Calth Ultramarines to paint for 30k.
One month to paint 10 guys? Yeah I think I can do that. Can you?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


A true indie game, Relicblade is a one man show, but you cannot tell. The product quality is awesome. The models are great. More importantly it is a very fun, quick, and simple game. Sean Sutter, the creator, designed the game to be an introduction to wargaming. Do not let that through you off of it for you old timers. I cannot recommend this game enough.


Robotech RPG Tactics

I have been a huge fan of Robotech since I first saw it in the mid 80's. I put a lot of money into the now infamous Kickstarter. When I got the first models, I was ecstatic! I loved putting the models together, yes, even with all of those fiddly bits on the veritechs. I decided that after a first few demo games to try to get use to the rules, in which we got a lot wrong, I decided to try my hand on filming battle reports. Ouchies, from Ouchies Batreps, encouraged me in making these.

So here are the first of my batreps.

Robotech BatRep 1

Robotech BatRep 2

Robotech BatRep 3

Robotech BatRep 4